From an Idea to the Real Deal

Charlie and Debbie Tierney were living in Aberdeen, WA when the mere dream of having a brewery was just a distant goal. As Charlie quotes, “a goal is a dream with a deadline,” the only way he could achieve this goal is with the support and teamwork of his wife, Debbie. While they were casually touring a brewery one day, Debbie turned to Charlie and said, “if you can make me a beer that I’ll love, then let’s do this thing,” and that’s when Charlie came up with our Buzz On Blackberry Wheat Ale. From there this hopeful idea started to become their greatest goal and soon the real deal.

They have roots in Ellensburg, WA and wanted to move back to Central Washington where they can be close to family and kick this brewery into high gear. They found 704 N Wenas St and created a taproom full of vintage saws decorating the walls, a chalkboard for their beers on tap, and their hearts full of hope and trust. In the back behind the walls of the taproom was their 3 barrel brew system, where all of the magic started including the craft of our flagship beer Stumpblower IPA and other popular beers like Smashed Blonde, Knotty Brewnette Amber, and of course Buzz On Blackberry Wheat.

In the early months of 2015, Whipsaw Brewing opened with a common theme about the logging profession, in reference to Charlie’s 20 years dedication to being a logger. You’ll find beers like Widowmaker IIPA and Hoot Owl Stout and all their creative beer names referencing logging terms. They started this journey to create a brewery where sense of community was felt and everyone was welcome, and it is growing into a well loved place of gathering with a variety of beers on tap to fit everyone’s needs.


Dedication to Craft

From Charlie’s early days as a homebrewer to his current role of Brewmaster at Whipsaw, he has believed that good beer has always been in the details. In his twenty years of hoembrewing, the craft beer scene has seen many changes but his fundamentals of excellent craft brewing have remained the same. His beers are born from the foundation of the importance of watching the fine details, keeping true to his brews and following his heart.
As the demand for good craft beer increases, Charlie and Debbie’s business vision continues to expand. Whipsaw Brewing debuted both the Stumpblower IPA and the Buzz-On Blackberry at Ellensburg’s 2016 Winterhop Brewfest, now they are on their way to always having 14 beers on tap while interchanging specialty and seasonal brews consistently. With a full three years at the taproom under their belts, there aren’t any signs of slowing down.