You Don't Know What You Don't Know

By Debbie Tierney
(Originally written on September 21, 2016)

I opened up this blog today for the first time in 9 months. OMG…Where did the time go? My goal was to blog about our experiences as we went. What a laugh!

I had a phrase for my classes when I was a Learning and Development Specialist for The University of Farmers, “you don’t know what you don’t know, wait till your first day on the phones”. Little did I know, that phrase would ring so true in my own life.

I remember the first time we uttered the words “I think we want to open a brewery!”  And,  after all of our experiences of getting the brewery up and running, if I could travel back in time and give myself some advise, what would it be?


Cost of Running A Brewery and Time Required

  • That budget we planned on, and the amount of time we thought we would have to put into the brewery,  well…we had to  increase those numbers a bit…umm, maybe a lot!!! .
  • You work 24/7, the brewery is the last thing we think about when we go to bed at night. And, the first thing we discuss when we wake up in the morning. Its our baby, our pride and joy. We nurture it, and, help it grow.

Opening a brewery is more than just brewing. 

  • Be ready for tons of administrative work. I wish I had built a bigger office :p.
  • Federal regulations and compliance. You practically have to be an attorney to wade through the regulations and compliance requirements.

The Journey is Half the Reward of Starting the Brewery

  • No truer words were said! We used to tell ourselves “build it and they will come”. But that nagging voice in your head provides you with plenty of doubt. I thought to myself, “What if no one comes”? ” What if no one likes our beer”? “What if, what if, what if”? Not only have we been fortunate in our venture, but we have had the opportunity to meet some of the most supportive and positive people.
  • You make friends, lots of friends. I think that is our biggest blessing, in a short amount of time, we have met and made far more friends than I ever imagined.

Don’t change a thing,

  • Don’t change a thing, we threw caution to the wind, andhave been successful, mainly because we didn’t know any better. The only thing we truly knew going in was that there was this amazing community of brewers, killer beers, and support from the craft beer community. That was all we needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other

We see people daily who come into the brewery with the same dream.  And of cause we tell them all of the logical things they need to know, with this one disclaimer; when everything is said and done, and the excitement becomes a burning passion , brewing a craft beeris pure nirvana. When you hold your glass up and look into it and you see your future, than you will understand the opportunity you just created.

Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t

We did it!!! We are building a legacy, a legacy for our children and our grandchildren.